Alexandra Mejia, LMHC, C-PD, CCTP II

“The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

As a mental health counselor I have worked with vastly different populations and have been privy to witness the transformation my clients have gone through when learning and practicing mindfulness.  Every story is different, but the outcomes are the same: practice creates progress.

As a practitioner of mindfulness, it has been a journey for me as well.  There was a time when small changes in plans would send me spiraling into panic, random wandering thoughts would cause me to stay up at night and not get the sleep I needed, and stressful situation might have lead me to strike out at those closest to me.

Mindfulness has lead me on a different path in life, one where every moment is an opportunity to self sooth, clear my mind and find a better answer to even the most difficult questions.  As these experiences have moved me, I wanted to share them with everyone.

In my educational career, I was trained to work with forensic clients (victims, offenders and at-risk youth) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  In my professional career, I have been able to work with forensic client as well as couples, families, and individuals struggling with all different mental health issues.  Today, I specialize in working with individuals struggling with Trauma, Personality Disorders, Dissociation, Anxiety, Depression, and general problems with Emotional Dysregulation.  

As a professional, I believe everyone can learn to do better for themselves, feel better internally and live a happy life.  All that is needed is the motivation to get there.  I always say that I am merely a guide to my clients.  It is YOU who does all of the hard work that brings about positive change.