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Daniel J. Mejia, LMSW

SIFI Clinical Resident Supervisor (He/Him)

All About Me

I was always taught to be curious and not judgmental. My mother, an LCSW herself, did her best to instill in me a sense of morality, ethics, and empathy, which guide me on a daily basis. I regularly tell people I wasn't parented, I was therapized. Practicing therapy is something I was raised to do, and have become increasingly passionate about it as I age.


I started working with children at the age of 14 and quickly learned about my passion for helping children and families. I have worked at Community Centers as a Program Coordinator for After School Programs, and later moved on to being the Clinical Social Worker at BronxCare Health Systems' Pediatric Unit. I have toured the country as a professional musician and have participated in theatre shows across New York. Other things I am passionate about include film, science fiction, comic books, and animals.





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