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Chronic Illness Supportive Group




$75 per session (open to sliding scale)

Meeting Time

Starting July 22 - Mondays @ 12pm EST

New York State, USA


Schedule a consult before the group:
Register by leaving a message on contact page at Subject Group
774.722.8328 /

Group Description:

Primarily focusing on people with “invisible” chronic illnesses. Looking to offer skills, support, guidance and community as well as helping them develop coping skills. A chronic invisible illness group can provide many benefits to those living with such conditions:

  • Emotional Support

  • Information and Resources

  • Practical Advice

  • Social Connection

  • Empowerment

  • Validation

Overall, such groups play a crucial role in providing comprehensive support that addresses both the emotional and practical aspects of living with a chronic invisible illness.  

8 weekly sessions, open to adults (18+)

Group Flyer:

Integrated Grief Group
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