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Meditating in Park

Weekly Meditation Group in Meriden,CT

  • Sundays at 3pm, check the calendar or email me for scheduled sessions.

  • Weekly 1 hour groups will explore different styles of guided Mindfulness meditations. 

  • Good for begginers and experienced practitioners. 

  • Flexible group: can be joined on a week to week basis without any commitments.

  • $20 per session: to be paid prior to start of session.

  • Bring 2 friends with you and get your session for FREE! Or get the package deal just for you!

Outdoor Meditation

Learn the Mindfulness skills you need to be more effective with your coping skills.

This Skills Based Mindfulness Group is an 8 week program intended to boost efficacy of individual evidence based interventions, including:

  • DBT

  • CBT

  • Sensorimotor

  • Mentalization

  • EMDR

  • IFS

  • ACT

  • and many others

The group will be scheduled to take place virtually on Google Meet on Tuesday's, 7pm to 8pm EST.  It will run 8 consecutive weeks starting on June 6th, 2023 and cost $50 per session with a committment to attend all 8 sessions.  Pay per session or get the group bundle with 1 class FREE.

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