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Virtual Single Women's Dating Group

Find community and support in your post-Covid dating experiences and learn skills and insights to finally find "the one".

Group Details

Dating post-Covid and in our modern world has become increasingly challenging for women.  Many of my female clients complain the men they go on dates with aren't serious, don't like them, or are poor communicators.  Sometimes they don't even know where to look, who to look for or what is good for them.  This is a group for women ages 28-42. 

In this ongoing, open coaching/support group you will learn: 

  • How to effectively tweak your dating profiles 

  • Consider your values in dating 

  • What your relational wants and needs are 

  • Find new venues of dating 

  • What your attachment style is 

  • To understand your choices in partners 

  • How to pre-screen potential dates 

  • To build a supportive community of women to share your journeys with

WHEN: Thursdays at 12pm EST 



Join the Single Women's Dating Group!

Fill out this form to request to join the Single Women's Dating Group today!  We will contact you to schedule a 10-15 minute meet and greet.

Talk to you soon!

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