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Virtual Women's Relationship Group

Work through your relationship difficulties and feel a part of a community of women going through similar struggles.

Group Details

This is a coaching group for women ages 29-43 in long term relationships who want to work through difficulties with their partners rather than break up.  This is NOT a group for women experiencing Intimate Partner Violence.   

In this ongoing, open coaching/support group you will learn: 

  • How to effectively communicate your needs

  • Consider your values as a couple 

  • How to be a better listener 

  • How to maintain spice in the midst of stress 

  • What your attachment style is 

  • To understand how you argue 

  • To take breaks and space effectively 

  • To build a supportive community of women to share your journeys with

WHEN: Mondays 5:30pm EST 



Join the Virtual Women's Relations Group!

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