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Flat Rate

Skylar Nijhawan,
MHC Candidate

Clinical Resident (She/Her)

All About Me

I am a bisexual woman of color from Southeast Asian and Irish descent. I received my BA in Psychology from Siena College in Albany, and am currently pursuing my MSEd. in Mental Health Counseling at Queens College. I strongly value learning about other cultures and experiences as well as learning languages. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, gaming, and taking day trips to new places. 


My therapeutic approach stems greatly from a humanistic point of view. I believe that you as the client know your experiences better than anyone else and I as the therapist am here to listen to your authentic experiences.  I believe the relationship between client and therapist comes down to a healthy exchange of communication to alleviate the concerns they may be facing. I hope that we can collaborate in order to achieve any goal you set your mind to.





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