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Alexandra (Sasha) Mejia, LMHC, C-PD, CCTP II

Founder/Clinician/Supervisor (She/Her)

All About Me

My core values surround the idea of acceptance in all-encompassing ways, including sexuality, gender identity, culture, race, justice, family, and self. This is very easy to see in my therapeutic approach as I bring a non-judgmental stance to every client that comes into my office regardless of their identity, the color of their skin, or their life experience. I will treat you the same whether you have a criminal history, were abused in some way, or just need to address your symptoms. This is because your reasons for coming to therapy are always the same: To seek help and create a positive change in your life. That is what I'm here for; I’m not here to judge you, your behaviors, or your past.

In high school, I first got the idea of going into psychology as, throughout my adolescence and emerging adulthood, I experienced symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma. I went through my own therapeutic journey and learned to cope with these challenges. I worked in sales, as a teacher’s assistant, with autistic children, and as a care coordinator, interacting with different types of people. As a result, I became more and more curious about what makes people behave the way they do and that curiosity led me to study forensic mental health counseling. I strongly believe that my varied experience helps me understand my clients on a deeper level and my curiosity helps me in working with my clients; often, they have similar curiosities about themselves.





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