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Virtual Trans & Non-Binary Teens Support Group

Find support, community, understanding, and validation

image of the transgender flag against the light blowing in the wind with blue sky in the b

Group Details

This support groups aims to provide a safe space for trans and non-binary identifying teens to discuss their struggles, share ideas, and share resources.  

This group will meet once a week on Fridays at 5pm for about an hour.  This is an open group, meaning people can join any time there is an open seat.  


Ages: 13-17

Max # of seats: 6

Cost: $25 per session.

Caucasian man in white t-shirt waving non-binary flag in the wind over a radiant blue sky.

Join the Trans & Non-Binary Teens Support Group

Fill out this form to request to join the waitlist for our upcoming Trans & Non-Binary Teens Support Group.

Talk to you soon!

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